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In the majority of divorces that do not involve high assets, children’s issues are the main driver of conflict. For parents seeking custody lawyers in New Haven, CT to protect their parental rights and preserve their relationships with their children, contact Milford Attorney Emily Lucibello.  She is an experienced lawyer capable of handling child custody, visitation, and parental alienation issues.

Attorney Lucibello pursues outcomes that represent the best interests of children while protecting the rights of parents. She is a strong advocate and compassionate counselor who focuses on obtaining the best outcome through negotiation, trial, or mediaton.”

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The standard that judges use for deciding child custody and visitation issues is “the best interest of the child.” We focus on building a strong case for our clients to demonstrate why having primary physical custody in in their best interest of the child or children. For example, one parent may have more flexibilty in their schedule, allowing them to spend more time with their children. Another key factor in the context of a divorce is the role that parents have played during the marriage. If one parent handled most of the parenting issues, it could be a positive in securing physical custody.

For non-married parents, there are numerous other considerations, for instance the involvement of each parent in the lives of the children, the suitability of each parent’s living arrangements, and the schedules of each parent. Additionally, the ability of the parents to parent together will also be considered in working out an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child.

Attorney Emily Lucibello will proactively address any issues concerning the fitness of either parent; for instance, concerns raised during a custody or visitation dispute that pertain to one parent feeling that the other is doing something to harm the child’s interests, or allegations regarding substance abuse or mental health. She will aggressively protect her clients parenting rights as she works to resolve issues relating to custody and visitation.

When your relationship with your child or children is at stake, or when your child’s best interests are not being met, you need an experienced custody attorney on your side. If you need a custody or visitation lawyer in Connecticut, call us today.

Parental Alientation

Alienating a child from his or her parent has been going on for decades, but it is now becoming more commonly recognized by the courts. It can be difficult to quantify parental alienation, but we work to stop parental alienation by demonstrating the impact a parent’s actions can have on a child, damaging the child’s interests for the sake of gaining the upper hand in a family law proceeding. The ultimate goal is to stop these destructive actions and achieve an outcome that brings parents together in the best interests of their child.

Protect Your Parental Rights

Emily Lucibello is a Milford child custody lawyer, representing mothers and fathers in custody and visitation disputes in New Haven, Fairfield, and through Connecticut. She is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive outcome for yourself and for your child or children. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation Attorney Lucibello.

Our lawyers know the laws affecting families in Connecticut.  We handle custody matters, disputes involving visitation and other parenting issues, and post-judgment actions.  If you have a concern, contact us today to see how we can help.

We know the laws pertaining to both legal and physical custody, including how judgments pertaining to custody can be modified.