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Our New Haven divorce attorneys understand that divorce can have an impact on every part of your life, from your relationship with your children to your property to your finances. It is crucial to have a skilled lawyer on your side who will take the time to understand your needs and the complexity of your situation. Protecting your future requires preserving your rights now.  Divorces are also personal; your relationship with your lawyer should reflect that.  That is why Attorney Emily S. Lucibello is committed to personally handling each one of her client’s cases.

As a Milford, CT divorce lawyer, Attorney Lucibello understands that every divorce is unique, so she takes the time to understand the goals of her clients and work with them to understand their positions and achieve their specific goals.  While resolving your current circumstances, she will maintain her focus on preparing you for a better future.  Call (203) 298 – 4658 to schedule a consultation with Attorney Lucibello today.  Located in Milford, CT she represents clients divorce and other family law matters in New Haven, Fairfield, and throughout Connecticut.

Full-Service Representation for your divorce

At the Law Offices of Emily S. Lucibello, LLC, we handle all aspects of divorce, including child custody, child support, property division, and alimony.  Whether your divorce can be resolved through collaborative divorce and mediation or a trial is in your best interest, we will be your strongest advocate every step of the way.

Attorney Lucibello is experienced in mediation, negotiation, and litigation.  Often, she is able to work with her clients to successfully reach an agreement without going to trial.   However, when her clients’ financial interests or parenting rights are at stake, and where a settlement cannot be achieved, she has the experience to litigate cases through trial and fight for you every step of the way.

The Knowledge and Skill to Handle High Asset Divorce

Divorces involving large sums of financial assets or business assets can be particularly sensitive matters.  We have the business law knowledge to resolve financial issues involving valuation, retirement accounts, uncovering hidden assets, income, and business assets.  We are also adept at keeping these matters private, resolving divorce under the radar so our clients can emerge from their divorce with their personal and professional reputations intact.

To learn more about this area of our practice, see our high asset divorce page.

Thorough and Proactive Representation

Our Milford divorce lawyers understand that each case is unique.  The financial considerations and goals of each client differ.  One point of confusion and concern is the Connecticut law involving the equitable distribution of assets and liabilities in a divorce; remember, “equitable” does not necessarily mean equal. You need a lawyer that will help you to understand your rights under CT family law, and advocate for you. Another – related – concern is asset protection and tax planning. It is important that your lawyer have more than a cursory understanding of what these issues mean – now and in the future.

Emily Lucibello is an experienced New Haven Divorce Attorney.  She has the knowledge and skill to advise and represent clients in complex cases when these, and other financial issues are at stake, such as:

  • Interpretation and enforcement of prenuptial agreements
  • Securing your financial future and the future of your family
  • Alimony / spousal support
  • Issues pertaining to stocks, as well as 401k plans and other retirement accounts

Your Children, Your Life

In cases where children are involved, we understand that our clients want what is in the best interests of their children, and we will aggressively advocate for you. When the welfare of your children is at stake, there is nothing you want to protect more. We work with our clients to ensure that they know and understand their rights with regard to:

  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitations
  • Child care

In these situations, proactive and aggressive representation is a must. If you are facing or already involved in a divorce, contact our Milford, CT office to speak with a divorce lawyer today.

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