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Located in Milford, our law firm represents individuals charged with crimes throughout the State of Connecticut, including those facing charges in the courts in Derby, Milford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. We also provide representation in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut.

Attorney Emily S. Lucibello has the knowledge and experience to defend against a variety crimes and traffic infractions. In addition to ensuring her client’s constitutional rights are protected from the moment they are charged with a crime, she also has a strong command of the law and collateral consequences a person can face as a result of being charged with a crime or motor vehicle violation.  A criminal charge or motor vehicle violation does not just carry with it consequences such as incarceration, fines, and probation – depending on the crime or infraction, it can affect your life in serious and lasting ways. For instance, did you know:

  • If you receive a motor vehicle violation, and you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), you are facing much more serious penalties, including suspension of your license?  This can affect your livelihood and ability to earn an income – it is important you receive the right advice, now.  Attorney Lucibello has been able to ensure that a traffic ticket was dismissed, not just nolled, for her clients a CDL who have been charged with motor vehicle violations.
  • If you are not a citizen of the United States, certain crimes can have very serious immigration consequences – including deportation? How your criminal case is handled, matters.
  • If you are a student and if you are charged with certain crimes, it may violate your school’s student code resulting in a wide array of conseqeuences, including suspension, loss of housing, and expulsion?
  • If you are convicted of certain crimes, it can affect your ability to obtain student loans?

These are just a few of the many other potential collateral consequences, which can include prohibition from certain employment, loss of employment, loss of certain licenses and permits, loss of federal and other assistance, and much more.  A criminal charge puts your life in jeopardy. You need a skilled defense attorney on your side.

Protecting Constitutional Rights

At the Law Offices of Emily S. Lucibello, we are committed to protecting and preserving our clients Constitutional and legal rights.  The constitutional preservation and protections of the rights of every person affect all.  For this reason we believe that is crucial that everyone be afforded an experienced lawyer who can advise them properly on the laws in Connecticut, and advocate effectively for each their particular interests, so as to ensure that their rights are adequately protected.  

Attorney Lucibello uses her knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.  She will take the time to answer her clients’ questions regarding the procedures involved in a criminal case in CT, and advise her clients as to potential and probable outcomes specific to their case.

CT Criminal Defense Attorneys: Proven Track Record

Attorney Lucibello has successfully argued for the use of alternative and pretrial diversionary programs for her clients in lieu of continued prosecution or even jail, including Accelerated Rehabilitation, Family Violence Education, Youthful Offender, and Treatment of Drug or Alcohol Dependent Offenders in Lieu of Prosecution.  She has also negotiated favorable plea deals for clients, helping them to receive suspended jail sentences, conditional and unconditional discharges, and probation, at times helping clients to avoid jail or lessen jail time.   Attorney Lucibello has also successfully argued against the imposition of a served jail sentence at sentencing hearings.

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It is important that you be aware of your rights if you have been charged with a crime, or feel that you may be facing charges, even if you feel that you are being wrongly accused. If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in Connecticut, we encourage you to contact our law firm today.