Negotiation – Can It Help YOUR Divorce?

Negotiation is almost always used in some way, shape, or form in a divorce.  It can be used to reach temporary, or pendente lite, agreements.  It can be used to settle some of the bigger issues.  And ultimately, it is often used to reach a comprehensive settlement.

Just because you negotiate your case to resolution, doesn’t mean you can’t get a ‘win.’ You can certainly negotiate a win.

Negotiation has many pros.  It allows you to work towards an agreement that addresses the concerns most important to you.  It also allows you to avoid, in whole or in part, costly litigation.

A qualified CT divorce lawyer will explain to you how the process can be beneficial to your case, and will work together with you to prepare for the negotiation.  There are 3 big steps you can take now with your attorney to prepare for CT divorce negotiations. 

  1. Discuss and prioritize your objectives.  While you may want everything, make a list of what is most important to you.  A good lawyer will be realistic with you. He or she will explain to you what the law is, and will help you to identify your rights.
  2.  Gather all requested financial information for your attorney, timely and completely.  This allows your attorney to gain an accurate financial picture and help ascertain what the issues are that will require resolution.  Sometimes, you may not have considered an asset or a debt that can be crucial to the negotiations.  For instance, maybe you owe a sizeable debt to the IRS that you just assumed you would pay once the divorce was over, so it never occurred to you to use that as a bargaining chip.  A diligent CT divorce attorney will help you to identify those types of financial considerations, and position you for success.
  3. Be forthcoming with information.  Make a list of any concerns that may be raised by the opposing side in the negotiation, and go over them with your lawyer so that he or she is not blindsided.  Disclose the loan taken against your retirement last year, and be prepared to account for its use.  If there are allegations of you having had an affair, regardless of how truthful or accurate, let your attorney know the circumstances.  We attorneys understand that discussing these things may not be comfortable, but it is crucial.  Preparation is key, and the more prepared you and your attorney are, the better it is for you.

Your attorney will go over many more points of preparation with you, including considerations, planning, and strategizing.  However, understanding the basics will help you be best prepared to make the most of negotiating your case. To see if we can help you, contact us to learn about Attorney Emily Lucibello or call 203-298-4658 today.