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New Haven High Asset Divorce Lawyer

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When a couple has accumulated a large number of assets during the course of a marriage, the division of those assets during divorce presents high stakes. In addition to resolving traditional issues such as child custody and support, it is important for complex issues involving business assets, retirement accounts and other high value assets to be handled properly.

At the Law Offices of Emily S. Lucibello, LLC, we provide skilled representation for high asset divorce cases in Milford, New Haven, Fairfield, and throughout Connecticut. Attorney Emily Lucibello focuses on resolving these matters while preserving the privacy of our clients, many of whom hold prestigious positions in their careers and in their communities.  We also know the importance of getting the right people involved, when needed:  business valuation experts, CPAs and forensic accountants, estate planners, appraisers, and financial planners.  We can make referrals for you to such professionals when appropriate, and we consider these experts to be an integral part of our team.

Milford Lawyers for Business Valuation

Attorney Lucibello has a background in business law in addition to her family law practice. This provides her with a keen insight on the valuation and division of business assets in a divorce. This is a critical step to ensuring that parties receive fair value in a divorce settlement or verdict. She works closely with a number of professional experts, such as those referenced above, to obtain favorable outcomes for her clients.

Accuracy is the key to any successful division of assets in a high value divorce. We work with forensic accountants and other experts to uncover hidden assets to ensure that any settlement is based on an accurate accounting of marital assets.

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Whether you are a business owner seeking to protect the viability of your business during the divorce process, or the spouse of a high asset individual looking to protect your quality of life, it is crucial to have the right legal representation. Attorney Lucibello provides representation in high asset divorces from her office in the center of Milford. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with her and discuss your rights. In these situations, time is often of the essence.